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Model Tenancy Act,…

29 Jun 2021 Research

18 May 2023

As real estate demands huge investment, its purchase involves a perplexed documentation process which is crucial to safeguard your investment by owning the property legally.

12 May 2023

Have you ever heard of a gift deed, or is this your first-time learning about gifting a property legally? Well, you can gift property legally to anyone you wish to.

05 Dec 2022

Buying a home is not a piece of cake. You have to go through a lot of documentation process before and after buying the property.

24 Nov 2022

The completion certificate certifies that the building is constructed as per the approved master plan with uncompromised quality.

13 Sep 2022

With a mind full of uncertainties and a heart filled with a mixed bag of emotions, the decision to buy a home can be an expensive and critical affair.