MahaRERA Launches QR Code to Access Project Details

Mon, 05/20/2024 - 03:50

Author: JLL



In a move that is expected to revolutionize the way homebuyers interact with real estate projects, MahaRERA has launched a QR code system that allows potential buyers to access detailed information about a project by simply scanning the code. This technology-driven solution is designed to streamline the process of gathering project information, reducing the need for buyers to visit project sites or contact developers directly.


The QR code system is a part of MahaRERA's efforts to increase transparency in the real estate sector. The authority has directed all registered project promoters to display QR codes prominently on their advertisements, including social media campaigns, from August 1, 2023. This directive is applicable to all real estate projects registered with MahaRERA, including those dealing with luxury villas.


The introduction of QR codes for registered projects offers numerous benefits to homebuyers. By scanning the QR code, buyers can access a wealth of information about the project, including:

  1. Project Specifications: Details of the project's layout, floor plans, and amenities.
  2. Developer Information: Background details of the developer, previous projects, and credentials.
  3. Legal Documentation: Access to important legal documents, including RERA registration details, approvals, and commencement certificates.
  4. Completion Timeline: Estimated completion and possession timelines for the project.
  5. Carpet Area Details: Clear breakdown of the carpet area and the built-up area of the units.
  6. Escrow Account Details: Information about the project's escrow account for safeguarding buyer investments.
  7. Complaints and Disputes: Details of any registered complaints or disputes related to the project.


The introduction of QR codes for registered projects marks a significant step towards a more transparent and consumer-centric real estate sector in Maharashtra. As the implementation date approaches, it is crucial for builders and developers to ensure compliance with the new requirements to avoid facing penalties and to uphold the integrity of the real estate market in the state.

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