Unique Balcony decoration Ideas for you!

Wed, 08/16/2023 - 09:22

Author: JLL


Balcony holds a special place in your heart. It not only gives you private space to reflect upon the past but also lets you enjoy the present and visualize your future standing right on the balcony overlooking the entire city with a cup of coffee. It is your go to place at home through your thick and thin. A place where you and your family spend quality time having tea, breakfast, or playing games like Chess, Ludo, or sometimes even Antakshari. So, for such a unique place, you must have unique décor.

However, before considering the balcony decoration ideas, you must know the top three things or principles that form the basis of your unique balcony design ideas.

1. Proportion

Proportion is especially important to consider when planning balcony decoration. It simplifies the decoration process right from selecting the furniture to lights and plants. It even gives you an idea of how much you can accommodate. Therefore, measure the size of your balcony. If it's spacious, you can elaborate on design and have at least two chairs with coffee tables, plants, and much more that will enhance the beauty of your balcony. However, if your balcony is small, you must be subtle in your design which will look classy and elegant in style.

2. Layer your textiles

Layering the textile makes your modern balcony design more attractive and aesthetic. It grabs the attention of the people and makes the place ravishing. In order to layer your textiles, choose good, patterned furniture cover or rug for your balcony decoration. Your textiles also depend upon the type of furniture you choose. This will improve your balcony décor and provide an additional space to make your home look more aesthetic.

3. Lights to make it warm

Lights play a vital role at night. It calms your mind and lets you enjoy your own space. With a spacious balcony, you can have a floor lamp with warm light set right besides your two – four-seater sofa whereas for a compact balcony, you can choose string lights to decorate the place. To enhance the beauty of your modern balcony design, you can cover your plants and sofa using string lights which will make your balcony look elegant.

Now that we have learnt about three basic principles of balcony decoration, let's look at some balcony design ideas that will make your home look sophisticated and Instagram worthy.

Top 4 Balcony Design Ideas 2023

Keep it Minimalistic

If you like changing and following the trend, then going minimalistic would be the best option. This will keep your space organized and allow you to embellish your style in a unique yet minimalistic way. To begin with your balcony decoration, you can simply find a wall where you wish to sit and capture a perfect view that you love. Now that you have found the place, you can highlight that wall by covering it with a green mat partially or fully. Further, you can add a frame on one side and hang a planter on the other side or you can choose to fix any one as well.

Now, you can either use this place as it is for clicking pictures without having any sitting arrangement or you can place a cocoon swing chair for sitting. Adding a two-seater storage bench can also do wonders with a few pillows on it. In case you choose to add two-seater bench, then choose bright colours that complement the wall covered with grass mat. To complete the decor, you can fix the outdoor warm light on the wall, ceiling or add a floor lamp.

Choose Pastels for balcony!

Undoubtedly, pastel colours can make your balcony look colourful and elegant both at the same time. Pastel colours such as pink, blue, purple, yellow, or green allow you to try and test the combination and its outcome. You can use these colours for sofa and cushion covers. These colours work best in the combination of two. You can also choose one colour and try various shades of it. However, avoid using the colour green as there would be planters placed on the balcony and in corners of the furniture. So, choose your colours wisely and get your balcony complement worthy. Further, add a beautiful centre table that matches the pastel vibes.

Go cozy with Boho style!

Bohemian style is lately in trend. It is considered to be the most aesthetic and cozy style – be it home décor or balcony décor, you can count on Boho style for everything. To give your balcony an aesthetic look, you can place comfy sofas, cushions, and swings full of comfy pillows in it. Use earthy elements such as wooden lamps, potted plants, and wicket baskets that will give your balcony a mesmerizing look. To enhance the décor, you can add beautiful lights around the sofa which will complement the décor in the evening.

Choose to Swing or Meditate!

If your balcony is compact, choose to add a cocoon swing at the corner to rejuvenate yourself. Now, by simply adding a swing, your balcony won’t look appealing. So, to enhance it, add a green grass mat on the floor and place a coffee table beside the swing for coffee essentials. To give a natural look to your balcony, decorate the surrounding area with plants and pots. You can also hang a few planters on the roof top which will give a refreshing vibe to your balcony. You can use the extra balcony space to meditate if your balcony is quite spacious. For night aesthetics, you can add warm lights to the balcony or place a floor lamp in the corner or put up a lamp on the coffee table. In case of space constraint, you can install or use the already installed warm lights on the ceiling.

Now that we have revealed the top 4 balcony design ideas that are budget friendly, go ahead and plan your balcony to give an aesthetic and Instagram worthy décor. Do not forget to use the balcony lighting ideas and basic principles for your modern balcony decoration. For more details on design techniques or ideas, you may contact interior designers to make your balcony design stand apart.