Meaning, Significance, and Process to obtain Khata Certificate online

Mon, 07/17/2023 - 07:03

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Looking for assistance with Khata Certificate? Do not worry! From meaning to its significance and the process of obtaining the BBMP Khata certificate online, our blog explains every aspect of the Khata Certificate. Begin untangling your tangled thoughts by understanding what Khata Certificate is and the importance it holds.

What do you mean by Khata Certificate?

Khata certificate is an official document issued by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to assess the property in debt and taxes. It consists of all the details about the property, such as the name, owner’s contact information, size, location, built-up area, carpet area, tax assessment, and property identification number. This document is used during the registration or selling of new property. It also serves as a payment log which is updated by the municipal corporations.

Why do you need Khata Certificate?

According to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, it is mandatory to have a Khata Certificate to secure building permits, layout plan approvals, and bank loans. This further also helps in facilitating the electricity and water supply in the project. Without a Khata certificate, no amenities can be facilitated on the premises.

Know the types of Khata Certificates

There are two types of Khata Certificates –

A Khata

A Khata Certificate is a legal document that validates the legality of the property. It ensures that all construction standards are met and necessary licenses from the relevant authorities were taken, including property taxation, and building byelaws. With A Khata, obtaining building permits, housing loans, and occupation certificate is easy. A Khata also helps you in obtaining trade licenses, renovating the property, and even in the process of transferring ownership or selling the property.

The Khata Certificate application can be made by a legitimate title owner of a property by submitting the required documents to the Revenue Officer or Assistant Revenue Officer upon verification. Ensure you have collected the acknowledgment receipt post submitting the duly filled application form in an approved format. You can apply for a Khata at any of the Karnataka government-approved Citizens Service Centres.

Below is the list of the mandatory documents to be submitted to obtain Khata Certificate:

  • Attested title deed copy
  • Documents for allocations granted by the State Housing Board
  • Location of the property
  • Previously paid tax receipts
  • Building layout plan
  • Profession documents

The above documents may vary according to the different locals in the city.

B Khata

B Khata certificate is a temporary document that is issued in the event of unpaid taxes or broken building bylaws. This document is issued by BBMP, under section 108A of the Karnataka Municipal Act, 1976 which was amended in 2009. Previously, B Khata properties had enjoyed some of the rights similar to A Khata rights. However, post Karnataka High Court issued an order in December 2014, B Khata Certificate was declared illegal. Therefore, such properties are now recognized as illegal properties.

Further, in case you wish to construct, sell, or transfer the property rights to someone, it is mandatory to convert B Khata properties into A Khata to ensure that the property and transaction are legal and that you do not face any legal hassles. In order to get your B Khata converted, you can send an application to the assistant revenue officer or similar officer in charge of Khatas with the required supporting documents. The application is then processed, and you can expect the delivery of the Khata certificate up to 5 weeks. The following documents could be provided to complete the B Khata registration process:

  • Title deed/Possession Certificate
  • Receipts of tax payments
  • Sketch of a property depicting its boundaries and location
  • Improvement charges
  • National savings certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate if a given site is vacant
  • Flow chart of title

Khata Certificate online

As everything is digitalized now, the BBMP Khata certificate is digitalized too. You can now apply and get your Khata certificate online. This khata certificate can be downloaded from the official website of BBMP. In order to download the certificate, you need to first log in to BBMP official website. Under department specific section on website homepage, you need to click on “Khatha Service” where you can Register/Bifurcate/Amalgamate/Transfer your property online. Post clicking on the “Khatha Service,” you will be redirected to the “Sakala Online Services” website or you may yourself directly log on to the website. Here's the direct link to the Sakala Online Services -

BBMP Khata Transfer online

As the name suggests, a khata transfer is used when the ownership of a property is transferred to another person due to events like a property sale, gift, will, or in the event of the property owner's demise. This document can be obtained by filing a requisition letter to the assistant officer along with the khata transfer charges. Following are the documents that must accompany the application:

  • Title deed
  • Details of Khata
  • Tax payment receipt
  • National savings certificate
  • Owner's death certificate if the transfer is being sought after the owner's death.
  • An affidavit stating that the petitioners are the legitimate heirs of the property.

Khata Bifurcation and Amalgamation

Khata bifurcation is the process of separating a khata into two or more khatas while Khata amalgamation is the process of combining many khatas into one. Application for such khatas must be submitted with the specific documentation listed below:

  • Old Khata Certificate
  • Registered Sale deed/title deed
  • Receipt of taxes remitted
  • Receipt of improvement charges
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • No Objection Certificate from BDA
  • Receipt of improvement charges
  • Flow chart of title

In case of bifurcation or amalgamation of a bestowed property, property acquired through a will, or property inherited by death, the following documents must be submitted along with the above documents-

  • Original death certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Registered will
  • Affidavit pertaining to the inheritance/court/decree/gift

Now that we have explained the ins and outs of the Khata certificate, you can go ahead and apply for yours! In case you need detailed guidance on the homebuying process, connect with our experts to ensure you understand the dynamics of the real estate market and make an informed investment.