Here's how you can decorate your home from scratch!

Fri, 05/19/2023 - 11:36

Author: JLL


Shifting to a new home is not easy. It demands energy and tests patience, as everything must be started from scratch. With no furniture and décor items in place, giving an empty house an appropriate style is truly a task. Nevertheless, our top 5 tips for decorating your home will enlighten and help you embark on your journey of home décor with ease!

Decide on your decorating style

Finding out your decorating style is the first step towards decorating your home from scratch. Knowing what your style is and how you would plan for it is a crucial part of home decor. There are numerous house decor styles, ranging from transitional to modern, contemporary, and farmhouse. However, they all create a different ambience and set up a different mood. Remember the last time you visited someone’s café, restaurant, or hotel, where you would have noticed chairs, tables, lights, and other décor items? Analyze and understand what kind of furniture attracted you the most and refreshed your mind. If you like the fusion of modern and traditional design, then you can choose transitional home décor, while if you are a fan of straight lines and softer edges then you should choose modern style. Nevertheless, if you love keeping your home minimalist, then your choice could be no other than contemporary whereas if you are a fan of stylish and cozy furniture stuffed with loads of cushions, then pick farmhouse as your style.

Sort your rooms by décor scheme

The biggest mistake that we usually make is overwhelming ourselves with the stress of decorating the entire home at once. Well, that is not possible, especially when you are decorating all by yourself. So, here is a way to furnish your home better. You should prioritize your rooms and decide which room you are going to use the most. Start decorating and furnishing it but remember, one at a time is what the rule says! However, while sorting out the rooms, you can decide which décor scheme you wish to keep in each room. Yes, here is your chance to furnish and accessorize your rooms in unique styles. Do not forget to choose the unifying element that will keep your entire home in one flow!

Begin working on the biggest space

Now that you've sorted and broken down your rooms with their respective décor schemes, it's time to deal with the pieces that will take up large amounts of space in your rooms. Therefore, identify the biggest piece in your rooms. Placing them in their respective spaces would complete half your job of decorating your room. Also, these are one of the most expensive pieces with the highest usage in the room. Therefore, it is vital to work on these pieces first before moving on to other home décor accessories and pieces.

Paint your rooms

From placing the biggest piece in the room to putting up a unifying element in each one of them, now is the time to paint the blank canvas with your thoughts. Paint it in a bright hue or cover it with beautiful wallpaper but remember that it should complement your décor style and furniture. Following the trend, you can also choose to keep the center wall as the focal wall, all painted in dark while the other 3 walls in a lighter shade. However, ensure that your furniture and other décor pieces have a pinch of the focal wall colour to complement it and complete the look and ambiance of the entire room.

Layer your rooms with home décor items

Layering rooms does not mean you have to layer your room with loads of textiles. It means you should get the replacement/alternate items of your home décor to keep changing the look and feel of your home. You can also layer your room using appropriate lights that will brighten up your home when the sky is down. Even small home décor items such as idols, statues, flowers, antique pieces, tabletops, etc. can set the vibe of your room throughout.

Now that you have furnished and set the house décor, you can now go on to read the required necessary things to decorate the home efficiently.