Revealing The Top 6 Rules For Furnishing Your Living Area

Tue, 05/16/2023 - 06:17

Author: JLL


The living room is one of the first and largest areas where guests enter. Therefore, decorating it might be one of the most difficult tasks. The living room demands more balance between the furniture, décor pieces, and wall hangings with their paints. The window and corners in the living room are important aspects, and you cannot leave them untouched. Therefore, you need the secret tips to decorate those empty corners in your home.

Let us discover the top six ideas for home decorating living rooms that will leave your guests in awe!

Balance your space

The space in your home matters. It declutters your home and makes it look spacious. Balancing your space means organizing it in a very subtle manner where neither your home looks over-furnished, nor it looks under-furnished while managing the spaces between the furniture and inner walls. Your guests require appropriate space for moving around is important even in a compact size flat. Though furnishing your home may seem challenging with a perfect balance, however, if done properly, it may end up the beautiful space of your own.

For a comfortable living, choose a coffee table with two third length of your sofa keeping a decent space of 45 cm between the furniture to enable your guests roam freely. A big coffee table covering a huge space may imbalance the entire room. Therefore, to avoid congestion and squeezing, you should choose your coffee table wisely.

Choose a statement piece

The statement piece is nothing but a décor piece that attracts your guests and ensures you get compliments for your marvellous choice. Choose one-of-a-kind decorative items for living rooms that complements your décor and adds to the space's beauty. Therefore, buy unique decorative items for living rooms and décor pieces that embellish the beauty the place holds.

A Healthy mix of height

Height in your home plays a vital role. A ceiling at a high height embellishes the royal look of your home. If your ceilings are low, choose low-profile furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables, to give the appearance of height which means it creates an illusion that increases the height of your wall relative to the actual height of the ceiling. Additionally, tall, slender bookcases that attract attention upward might be combined with low-profile furniture. A calm mood can be produced in your home by mixing different heights in this way.

Create surface layer

Do not succumb to the urge to bombard a room at once. You should follow your unique preferences rather than current trends. Consider the layers in your specific area and add them with colour, texture, pattern, fabric, surface treatments, lighting, artwork, plants, and literature. Layers make a place appear inhabited and comfortable. Initially, identify one dominant fabric in the curtains or carpet. Use printed or plain fabrics for pillows and those can be then enhanced using the layers of lampshade.

Let your wall speak about you

Avoid positioning paintings and photos too high while hanging them. They ought to be on a human scale at eye level, which is roughly 145 cm from the floor to the centre of the image. Any smaller picture can be hung above the side table or next to a lamp, which will give it a more intimate vibe. The major painting on a gallery wall should be hung at eye level, and the remaining pictures should be positioned in proportion to it.

Illuminate it with lights

When it comes to illuminating your living room with lights, it is utmost important that you select the ideal pendant or chandelier to hang above a dining table. You can look for the fitting of half and two-thirds of the width of the table which will align it in proper proportion. The light fixtures blend well with the space if the same half-to-two-thirds ratio is used but applied to the length of the table instead.

These are the top six tips for living room furnishing. You can now choose the best living room furniture for your modern luxury living room.