Digital Address System – A Revolution in the Navigation Systems Industry

Thu, 11/24/2022 - 10:23

Author: JLL


We are all familiar with the traditional method of locating a place with the address written on a piece of paper, where you need others to direct you. Well earlier, the process of finding addresses was cumbersome, and sometimes they even led us to lose ourselves on unknown streets. However, the era changed, and the address on the piece of paper for urban populations transformed into Google Maps. The sharing of locations and locating themselves to reach the destination became easy, but who knew startups would still find it difficult to map themselves on this digital platform. Yes, there are times when Google map addresses mislead us, increasing anxiety and wasting our commute time. Hence, to make it more convenient, the Madhya Pradesh government came up with the idea of a digital address system. It is a unique form of sharing and locating your destination. So, let us find out what the digital address system means.

What is the Digital Address System?

The Digital Address System is a combination of the postcode, which includes region, district, and area code that comes with a unique digital address code. It helps in locating the desired destination in no time, and that too, without errors as all addresses are geo-tagged. Well, that seems difficult, but it’s not impossible. The GhanaPostGPS is the best digital address example implemented by the Government of Ghana. The MoU signed between Indore Smart City Development Ltd. and Pataa Navigation, an Indore-based company, made it possible for India too. With this digital system initiative, Indore marks the end of the traditional era of navigation by providing cutting-edge technology to Indore, pushing it towards becoming a smart city in India.

How does the digital address system work?

The Digital Address System works in tandem with the maps that tag your location digitally. As Indore has implemented a digital address system process, each location registered with the “Pataa” app will receive an 8–11-character unique identifier. Users can then follow this code to the geo-tagging site. The Pataa app does not only generate the unique digital address code for each location; it also provides some unique features that include:

a. real-time visualisation of the visitor's route as they approach your address

b. avail of multiple extensions on a single address.

c. scans your QR code or helps you incorporate it in a visitor card, digital address plate, or automobile for quick addressing.

d. disables the routes automatically that are blocked or out of service to save your commute time.

The features of the Pataa app are unique in themselves which brought a revolution in the Navigation system of India.

How to geo-tag your location?

All addresses in Indore will be geo-tagged by integrating the software that ISRO and Pataa Navigation has developed collaboratively. Geo-tagging in the Pataa app is quite simple. Head towards the Play Store or iOS App Store and download the Pataa app. Sign up and log in with the required information in the app. The additional feature that the app provides is uploading images of your home or landmark for users to help them locate your address. Plus, it also offers you a voice recording feature, which you may use to help your visitors navigate with ease. Upon uploading the address and getting it approved, you will be assigned a unique digital address code, which can be shared with only Pataa app users. The links cannot be shared through the Pataa app with any other application user.

Will the digital address system improve Madhya Pradesh tourism?

The digital address system is anticipated to improve Madhya Pradesh tourism as all tourist attractions will be geo-tagged on the Pataa app. In addition, the app will feature key public facilities such as public transport and hospitality. Moreover, the Pataa app will be linked to all the government services including banking sector, and emergency services such as fire, police, ambulance, and civic services like Indore 311. This makes Pataa app, the most important application for tourists, as well as the residents of Indore. The feature of this app will be made available for free to all. This Pataa app is a one stop solution for all tourist and resident needs.